Valar2010 MBT Sirkazhi firmly believes that sustainable development involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social equity. So it does lots of development activities for its women members and to the general public in their working areas by involving and guiding them besides focusing only economic empowerment among its group members. In fact this helps them to build relationships and strengthen their trusts.

Social Empowerment Activities

Social Security Scheme # Members Benefited During 2016 - 17
Credit Life Cover Support 12
Funeral Expenses Support 32
Child Birth Support36

Economic Empowerment Activities

Valar2010 MBT followed the proven way to empower women economically in rural India by establishing Self Help Groups (SHGs) and providing microcredit to them. Women from the marginalized section of the community get together and form SHGs, which help them in times of need - emergency, disaster, socioeconomic disruptions. Microcredit has been directed at women because women's access to microcredit has more desirable development outcomes, since women tend to spend more money on basic needs compared to men and there are measurable improvements in child nutrition and education, family health and household sanitation, shelter and general welfare.

Microcredit is truly a win-win proposition for economic development, boosting income and adding jobs for individuals especially women, diversifying the regional economy while lowering government support costs, reducing donor dependency and increasing government revenues. The importance of small business to the health of the economy, especially in difficult times, brings home the potential for microcredit to assist people in turning challenges into opportunities.

Valar2010 MBT Sirkazhi provides bank linkages to all its group members and helps them to avail bank credits besides its own lending.


Valar2010 MBT has adopted the Joint Liability Group (JLG), a time tested method of lending best suited to the local context. At present it has one product called IGL - Income Generation Loan which is a group lending programme for women organised into a group of five members. The loan repayment term is 12 months which the borrower can pay it in monthly/fortnightly/ weekly installment as per her choice.

Loan Cycle

Valar2010 MBT will train all its JLG members at the formation for a 3 day "Compulsory Group Training (CGT)" wherein they teach about microfinance operations and instill the financial discipline among its members. Each group would be given loan after doing scientific assessment of their credit worthiness and the type of enterprise initiative based on a Group Recognition Test (GRT) with a set of criteria developed for members, group functioning, centers consisting of more than a group and other stipulated norms for microfinance.